How to ...

A collection of tools, tips and hints. Useful not having to search for them over and over again.

Mac stuff

Use terminal/nano to edit the file [⌘ <Spacebar>] terminal

sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
sudo dscacheutil -flushcache

Git stuff

Assuming git is installed and within PATH. If not, install Git

  • Create repository git init
  • Create .gitignore file to git repository root directory
  • Add all new files to repository git add .
  • Commit changes git commit -am "some unique commit comments"

Other stuff

More of a list of stuff found, though. ;)

A checklist. It's about publishing unique content in a most user friendly way, respecting recommendations!

Download new version here GAE Launcher, install and replace the old one.

New info will be added continously. Published cards are updated frequently.