Web Development, Publishing and Online Marketing

Web Publishing

My sites are written as Python/Jinja2 applications and hosted on Google App Engine. Data stored in Cloud SQL.

Images served either through Google static user content or Imigx. Files are device optimized; Art direction possible.

I especially focus on device & cross-browser compatibility, high performance, scalability.

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Over the years, the tools to build, maintain and monitor a web site have changed. I adopt frequently. Current tools I use almost daily:

  • Python
  • Google App Engine
  • ReactJS New
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • Bootstrap To Be Replaced
  • CSS Grid New
  • GTM/GA
  • R
  • Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Nikon
  • Affinity New

Discovery Mexico

Book hotels, flights, excursions and shuttles in all popular beach destinations and colonial cities of Mexico.

English, Spanish


Photography & videography of animals, flowers and landscapes.

Blog, Galleries, Videos


Recipes of swiss specialities with step by step gallery

German, French, English, Spanish coming soon.


20 years in building web sites and e-commerce applications. Some sites may have gone offline or have been re-designed.

  • vacationexpress.com
  • farnesitravel.com
  • cancun.com
  • bestday.com
  • playacarvacationrentals.com
  • anayjose.com
  • travel-center.com
  • kuartos.com
  • price-travel.com
  • mex-web.com.mx

... to mention a few


    Creatures - Natural selection simulator

    Tools - A Collection of tools and tricks.

    Projects - List of current projects