Web site development, digital marketing and data science for small businesses.

Web Site Development

Web sites are Flask/Python3 applications hosted on Google App Engine. Data storage with GCS or Cloud SQL. Media served device optimized using Imigx. Our web applications are device & cross-browser compatible, fast loading and scalable. Interested in my expertise for your project?

  • Static site hosting
  • DB powered hosting (Cloud SQL)
  • Automated backend process

Digital Marketing

Optimizing a web site for organic search positioning and search engine marketing goes hand in hand with developing a web site.

We compiled a list of tips and tricks for search engine optimization and checklist for auditing a web page.

Data Science

Using machine learning algorithms to analyze web site user interactions and marketing campaign performances. Data is collected web site internally and/or using services like Google Analytics.


Tools - A collection of tips and code snippets organized by topic.

Current Projects

  • Migration of Web applications to Python 3.7
  • Releasing applications to the public via Github
  • AI enhanced web site maintenance

On Our Own Behalf