Current Projects

A short description of projects, we are currently working on.


These are projects which should end up as a web service for public use.

My own search engine using a gen sequence comparison algorithm.

It is currently published and we are collecting data.

Url: Search

A service which allows a user to identify a flower or an animal comparing photos with the own observation.

It is currently published as GAE python version and we are collecting data.

Url: Selector

I started to migrate this tool to ReactJS. I consider it good candidate to test and practice ReactJS

Url: Selector

A service which allows an authorized user to save geolocation of species.

This is restricted service and access is only provided to specific users. It is currently published as beta version and I am collecting usage data.

I am currently facing an issue with low precision. It works fine within urban areas but the tracker is not very precise in more remote locations such as Park Ile Bizard, Point-aux-Prairies or Park de la Frayere

To solve the issue of low precision in remote locations, I replaced the static map with a dynamic map and allow dragging the marker to the right position. [actually dropping a new one and removing the old one]

Url: Tracking


Migrate Kochtipps to GAE/Bootstrap

Add English, French and Spanish


These projects will end up being published as open source on Github.

A desktop application to simulate evolutionary process.

It turns out that Python 3 is not a great environment for my creatures application or more likely, I still have to learn about graaphic programming with Python 3.

Platform: Mac OS X / Python 3

Url: Github Repository

Progress states: Concept > Alpha > Beta > Public